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I am a chemistry professor and I did try some of the prescribed medications for ED they did indeed work one time per pill with very uncomfortable results afterwards.  Headache, nausea, poor vision.  Needless to say this was not my cup of tea.  I want to thank you guys for coming up with Tri Rox. My wife and I took a weekend cruise and I found out what true romance was all about one pill at cast of and I was good until we returned 3 days later. I am a believer and take one pill every 3 days along with my vitamins and I am ready for action whenever she is and let me tell you lately she is almost always ready. Thank you very much.

T. J.
Kissimee, FL

I am 70 years old and my wife and I had not indulged in sexual activities in 15 years since I was incapable of doing so. That’s in the past since I discovered your Tri Rox .  From the very first time I took it I had an erection that would be the envy of a 20 year old. My wife and I are not satisfied with one time in a night. It also helped bring out her latent youthful self.  We have never been happier. This must be the fountain of youth.
Oscar A.
Hillsoro, NC

I have been on a number  of medications and this is what caused my problem so when I asked my doctor about taking Viagra or Cialis he advised me against it. He and I did some investigating and came up with  the same answer , Tri Rox . I was skeptical at first because it wasn’t   a prescribed item but I am a believer and so is my doctor.  He is recommending this to many of his patients. Since I started taking Tri Rox my marriage has gotten stronger and my wife calls me her energizer bunny.  There isn’t a better compliment I could think of to receive from anybody.
Marriage was on the rocks.
T-Neck NJ




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